DIY: Monogrammed Acrylic Tray

I have been obsessed with the acrylic tray idea since I saw them being sold on the Haymarket Designs website. The obsession quickly came to a screeching halt when I realized they were selling anywhere from $85-$125! There had to be a cheaper alternative, so I set out to create my own DIY version.  With my sisters “Monograms and Mimosas” wedding shower right around the corner, I knew it would be the perfect place to debut my new creation!

1. Finding the tray: Finding the tray was the easy part. I purchased mine for $12 at The Container Store (while we’re on the subject of obsessions, can we talk about how FABULOUS The Container Store is???), but I have also seen them at Bed Bath & Beyond and Michael’s Arts and Crafts.


2. Perfecting the insert: The possibilities for inserts are endless. The best part is that if you choose not to glue your insert in, you can remove it and mix-and-match for different occasions. I love the idea of having personalized inserts for different holidays.  Anyways, I headed to my favorite sercy shop in Charlotte, Paper Skyscraper, to find the perfect paper. After much debate, I decided on a gorgeous teal, navy and gold funky print. It was $4. What a steal! Other ideas for inserts could be wrapping paper, or designs you make yourself using programs on your computer.

photo (1)

3. The extra touch: While I adored the paper I purchased, I figured my tray needed some extra pizzazz. Since this present was intended for a monogram shower (and who doesn’t love seeing their new married monogrammed on EVERYTHING?) – I knew what the extra touch would be. I ordered a 5″ interlocking decal from InitialYou’s Etsy shop for $4.95.  While I was there, I decided I should probably order my own monogram decal.

photo (2)

4. Putting it all together: I simply traced the edges of the tray on the scrapbook paper and cut out the rectangle. Next step was applying the monogram deal. The was the only tricky part of the entire project. The monogram decal itself comes off of the paper easily just measuring and making sure it is centered took some time. Lastly, I took the cutout with monogram to Office Max to get it laminated. I figured if it would be used near a bar or bathroom, laminating the insert would be the smartest idea. Laminating only set me back $2.

photo (5)

photo (3)

I am so in love with the final product! And for a grand total of $23, I think it turned out perfect! There are many things you can use your tray for. I paired it with my Altuzarra Neiman Marcus Target 18K Gold Double Old-Fashioned Glasses and a vintage wine opener that I found at the Junior League WeareHouse for .50! I also love the idea of using it on your dresser for perfume, jewelry, etc.

photo (6)

photo (7)


5 thoughts on “DIY: Monogrammed Acrylic Tray

  1. Love this! I too share the bit unhealthy obsession of wanting a monogram on everything I own and also DIY-ing all of my projects. Turned out beautiful!

  2. What do you call the paper you used?! I’m trying to make my own tray as well but am having a hard time finding paper this large and I LOVE the pattern you used! Thanks!

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