Mr. & Mrs. Rob Shirley

This weekend one of my dear sorority sisters, Susannah, tied the knot with her hubby, Rob in Greenville, SC. Every time I visit Greenville I’m reminded of how adorable of a little town it is. The downtown area is so lively and has a distinct southern charm about it.

The stunning bride!

The stunning bride!

Every detail of the wedding was perfect. There was no detail that went unnoticed.  Because the wedding took place ten days prior to Christmas, it was appropriately themed in holiday red’s and green’s. As we walked into the reception, there was a giant sleigh (which Matt and I later climbed into after a few drinks :-/) that was collecting all of the presents. I thought this was such a clever idea! Instead of a guest book, the couple had the guests sign their well-wishes on the pages of their favorite Christmas books. LOVE this idea! Every holiday season, the couple will be able to reread the books and the kind sentiments left by their friends and family. Another awesome idea was the hot chocolate bar that was set up at the reception. This is a great idea for children, or those who do not want to drink alcohol, at the event. My other favorite ideas were the baked potato bar (with every fixin’ you could imagine) and the Krispy Kreame doughnuts that arrived towards the end of the night.  The band was perfectly engaging and entertaining, and had everyone shaking their groove thing on the dance floor.

photo (8)

In the sleigh, oops!

photo (9)

Guest Book

Guest Book

Hot Chocolate Bar

Hot Chocolate Bar


Late night Krispy Kreme delivery

Late night Krispy Kreme delivery

 It was such a wonderful evening. It made me so happy to reconnect with old friends and to celebrate the marriage of the new couple!

photo (15)

photo (14)

 Cheers, Susannah & Rob!


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