Friday5 {Stocking Stuffers}


As practical as it may be, I can assure you that no one wants to wake up on Christmas morning to socks and toothbrushes in their stockings. My parents have always gone out of their way to super stuff our stockings. We have said many times that we would be satisfied if we didn’t get any other presents besides our stockings, that’s how good they are! So here are a few suggestions to spice up your stockings this season.

1. Everyday GLO Teeth Whitening Maintenance (thanks, Courtney!): How embarrassing is it to walk around a Christmas party with purple teeth? While red wine is delicious, the stains that it leaves behind are not cute. The stick comes with a scrubbing tip that helps to remove stains, has a fresh mint flavor, and is tiny enough to fit in your clutch. Perfect accessory for holiday parties! TheEveryday GLO Teeth Whitening Maintenance is found at Sephora and is only $25!


2. Whiskey Stones: Lukewarm is the enemy” – said every strong whiskey drinker. These soapstone’s go in the freezer for a few hours, then pop them in your drink. They keep your beverage chilled without diluting the good stuff. Soapstone is soft enough so that it won’t scratch your glass and keeps it’s temperature for an extended amount of time.


3. Moleskine City Notebooks: For anyone that’s hoping for a trip this year (hint, hint!) the Moleskine City Notebook is a perfect stocking stuffer idea. From New York to Kyota, there is more than likely a version out there that you’re looking for. Each version includes a map, and plenty of pages for documenting names and numbers, restaurants, tourist attractions and hotels. Also included are blank pages to record your memories from your trip. Love this idea!


4. C Wonder Cashmere Intarsia Monogram Gloves: I’m a sucker for all things monogrammed, so naturally I love these gloves. Plus, you can’t go wrong with cashmere anything. The index finger and thumb of the gloves comes with touch screen capabilities making it easy to “type and swipe” while running around in the cold.


5. Bar10der Ten-in-One Bartending Tool: This gift is perfect for anyone (above age 21) on your list. This amazing little tool has ten different items all in one! Everything you would ever need to make the perfect cocktail: Muddler, Knife, Reamer, Stirrer, Channel Knife, Strainer, Jigger, Corkscrew, Zester and Bottle Opener. It’s also available in four really fun colors! 41kqE+fT18L._SY300_


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