Friday5 {Gadget Gifts}

Um, does anyone know where the last 11 months went? I can’t believe Christmas will be here in only 25 DAYS! For those of you who have yet to step foot into the mall, don’t worry. Today’s Friday5 is dedicated to gifts that the techie in your life will love!

1. Power Mate Plus Portable Backup Battery for iPhone: How is that my iPhone can have 100% battery when I leave the house in the morning and yet die before I leave the office that evening? I’m sure incessantly checking Facebook updates and refreshing Instagram every 3 seconds has nothing to do with it.  I am convinced that there is no worse feeling in the world than when you see the spinning spiral of death right before your phone shuts down and you’re instantly ex-communicated from the world. It is a feeling that I’d rather never relive again, and the good news is that now I don’t have to.  The Power Mate Plus is GENIUS! So how does it work? Charge the device by connecting it via USB to your computer, throw it in your purse, and you’re protected against your next dead-phone dilemma. Once plugged into your phone, it adds 42% battery, and you’re back! The Power Mate Plus for J. Crew is perfect for the fashion-forward techie!

J. Crew Cheetah Print Power Mate Plus

Power Mate Plus – Hexagon


2. Infmetry Multi Purpose Cable Clips: Sometimes it feels like a full-time job trying to keep my iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Laptop all fully charged (first world problems, right?). Infmetry Multi Purpose Cable Clips offers a solution to make this daunting process a little easier. Simply peel, stick and clip and all of the cables to your charges stay in place. No more fishing behind nightstands, beds or desks! The best part is that these babies are only $2.50 for 6! Great stocking-stuffer idea for the whole family!

multi_purpose_cable_clips (1)

3. Brookstone Automatic Wine Opener: Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, should come between a woman and her Pinot Grigio. And I would consider a manual wine opener to be one of these obstacles. Last Christmas, I received an automatic wine opener and it has changed my life. Mine runs off of a charge, but there are others that use batteries. This is a great gift for the wine-0 in your life!

Brookestone Automatic Wine Opener

Brookestone Automatic Wine Opener


4. Nike FuelBand: The NikeFuel Band tracks your daily activity (running, walking, playing sports, dancing, taking the stairs etc.) and turns it into “Nike Fuel”. The band keeps track of your activity and also pairs with your smartphone or computer to track progress. The band allows you to set goals for each day, see your activity history, and compete with friends. The band lights up from red, to yellow, to green visually showing you how close you are to your goal each day. There’s really no way to ignore it when it’s on your wrist, right?

Nike FuelBand

Nike FuelBand


5. HandFont Personal Handwriting App: I don’t know about you, but I think an iTunes Gift Card is always a great gift idea.  Having a balance on your iTunes (that you didn’t pay for) makes it a whole lot easier to purchase that new Christina Aguilera song that you really like, but are somewhat embarrassed to purchase.  For $4.49 you can purchase the HandFont Personal Handwriting App. This app is awesome because it captures your own handwriting and turns it into a personalized font. You can use your font on Microsoft Word, Notepad, thank you cards, scrapbooking or blogging.





2 thoughts on “Friday5 {Gadget Gifts}

  1. I look forward to reading this blog every Friday. It gives me a little peek inside the brain of one of my two favorite daughters.
    Always interesting and always very well written. Keep up the good work!

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