Meagan’s Getting Hitched!

In less than 2 months Ms. Meagan Hetrick will become Mrs. Clay Smoak and this past weekend was spent celebrating! I was so excited when I found of that Meagan’s bachelorette party would be in spent in Charlotte. What more can you ask for than a “staycation” and all your close friends in town? I loved playing “tour guide” and “activity director”. So many people commented on how nice, clean, and fun Charlotte is – it definitely made me a proud resident. This weekend reminded me just how lucky I am to call this place home, and how lucky I am to have such awesome friends.

Friday night we all met up at the Omni, quickly unpacked, and then headed to Vida at the Epicentre for dinner. Vida has a great atmosphere and also really good salsa and margaritas. We all sat at a large table and caught up. It’s been almost three years since we graduated and we’re now living all over…from Greenville to Columbia, Augusta to Savannah, Atlanta and Charlotte. The great part about close friends is that it’s super easy to pick up where you left off. Sometimes it seems as if time has never passed. I love this! After dinner we headed back to the hotel for Meagan’s lingerie shower. I was so impressed by all of the small details that Meagan’s sister (also the Matron of Honor) thought of. There wasn’t a single thing she overlooked. I jotted down many fantastic ideas to replicate when I throw my sister’s bachelorette weekend in April. Meagan’s sister played a video that she had recorded of her fiancé answering questions about their relationship. Then Meagan had to guess what his answers would be. You can tell they know each other very well because she answered almost all of the questions correctly! Clay ended the video by saying how excited he was for Meagan to become his wife, and it brought tears to my eyes. They are such an awesome couple and I am so excited for the two of them!!

The Beautiful Bride

Love yall!

Thanks to the wonders of blackout curtains, we were able to “sleep in” (9am) a little. We got ready, piled in some cars, and headed to 300 East for a delicious lunch. 300 East is off of East Blvd and is an old charming house. We had the upstairs pretty much to ourselves which set up the afternoon perfectly for some mimosas and gab! I ordered a butternut squash and pumpkin seed pesto pizza. Definitely outside of my club sandwich comfort zone, but well worth the risk.  After lunch we went to Polished for mani’s and pedi’s. Polished is perfect for large parties. They have plenty of pedicure chairs and the free alcohol doesn’t hurt either. I think everyone was really impressed. What a great business model, right? I know the sangria keeps me a very happy customer. The next stop on our tour was South Park Mall. We all divided and conquered the stores we wanted to go to. Saturday night was the big shebang. Clothed in sequence, high-heels and some teased hair, we headed to dinner at Enso. We were in a private room with a few other large parties and it was nice because we could be a little louder than if we were in the regular part of the restaurant. The atmosphere was perfect for our event. After an almost 3-hour dinner, we headed to Howl at the Moon. Unfortunately, our experience was not as great there as we experienced elsewhere. The Management was disrespectful, but that’s ok, they just lost out on business from 14 thirsty girls. We headed to BlackFinn which was a much better choice. We spent the remainder of the night dancing and singing til the lights came on and the bar was closing. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve had a night like that, and it was much needed.

300 East


More pedicures


Meagan signing the wall at Polished

My Partner-In-Crime

We ran into my sister and her bridesmaids!

We woke up fairly early on Sunday and headed our separate ways. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole morning. I am so blessed to have these girls in my life. I am also so thankful for the college experience I had, and for joining Tri Delta, which brought us all together! It was hard to say goodbye, but glad that we will all get to see each other soon at the wedding! It had been four days since I had seen Matt, and I was really, really missing my man. To my surprise, he cooked breakfast (heart pancakes and all) and had a mimosa waiting for me. I am such a lucky girl! Maybe I should go “out of town” more often! The weekend surely was exhausting, but spending it was old friends and a short week makes it all worth it!

Heart Pancake

Congrats Meagan and Clay, we can’t wait for the big day!


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