Gator For a Few Hours

This weekend I finally got to experience the legendary Florida/Georgia football game. The event has rightfully earned its nickname as “The Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” – it’s a tailgate party on steroids. While it pained me to cheer for either Florida or Georgia, I put my hatred aside for four hours, and cheered barley clapped a few times for the Gators. Sometimes we have to support the ones we love, right? Despite the Gators losing, the weekend was an absolute blast. There were about 30 others who were staying at the house we crashed at and I have to say that the sea of air mattresses, empty Solo cups, Taaka (never trust anything with two vowel’s in a row) bottles and loud music until 5am brought me back to my glory days. It’s surely not as easy as it once was! It was great to finally meet all of Matt’s college buddies that I’ve heard so much about. He was the President of his fraternity back in the day, and apparently a Gainesville legend from all of the stories I heard. The night ended at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant with a few too many Don Julio Blancoshots to erase the memories of the loss.  Sunday we slept in, said our goodbyes, and then met Matt’s parents and their friends for a wonderful Jacksonville brunch. I think I actually got teary-eyed as we drove off from his parents. I take for granted that my parents live so close, and know that Matt wishes he could see more of his family. I am so thankful that Matt’s parents are such a great example to us both on love, marriage and respect. I am also so thankful for the wonderful son that they have raised! The normally dreaded 6-hour trip, didn’t seem so bad this time, and we made it home in time to watch the Saints play. Although I wore orange and blue this weekend, my heart will always bleed garnet and black. It was absolute torture not being able to watch the Gamecocks play, and to have to hear about Marcus Lattimore’s injury via a series of text messages and voicemails. He is my favorite Gamecock, and from what I’ve heard, a genuinely good person. I pray for his strength to recover from this, and for mental toughness to battle through another knee injury. #21

Me and MRH – Orange is an awful color!

Matt and his Dad

Cheers to good friends!

Love our road trips together!

Using my Caitlin Hewitt Lattimore cup all week #21


One thought on “Gator For a Few Hours

  1. That was a wonderful post. I felt like I was there. So glad you got to meet Matt’s friends. Didn’t like hearing about his legendary status!

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