Isn’t it great to have girlfriends who know how to throw a great party? Especially if you suffer from kitchen-xiety like I do. One of my dear friends, Courtney, had the girls over this week for a night of catching up and many laughs. Courtney can truly do it all. I am amazed at her cooking, baking, decorating and hostess skills. Every time she has us over I am so impressed by her attention to detail, everything is perfect. She is a modern-day Martha Stewart and I hope that some of her finesse will rub off on me. Today’s Friday5 is dedicated to some of the treats she graciously treated us to this week and good times we’ve shared!

1.  Ru San’s: If you haven’t been to Ru San’s, you should be kicking yourself. Ru San’s is a small, inexpensive, sushi place off Park Rd. There was a point in my life when I was eating there so many times a week that I was seeing Christina (my favorite waitress) more than I was seeing my friends or family. I order the Tempura Japanese Bagel Roll and an order of edamame every single time, no exception. Courtney was kind enough to provide a huge spread of different types of rolls and side dishes. What a great idea, right? There was something there to satisfy every guest. And there’s something about sushi that is casual and low-key.

Ru San’s

2. Sparkling Apple Sangria:  Pinot Grigio AND Champagne in one drink?? YES PLEASE! Not only was this drink delicious, but beautiful as well. The apples soak in wine overnight and then you add the champagne right before serving. The apples were all cut in perfect strips (still not sure how Courtney did that) and really gave the drink a crisp look. I could have consumed the entire pitcher – but I think we all know where that ended the last time I did that (more on that below).

Apple Sparkling Sangria

3. Spiked Mulled Cider: After we killed the Sangria, Courtney of course had something else up her sleeve.  She served us Mulled Cider that really made me feel like fall was here and even better, it included some healthy options. Courtney added a special twist by combining Apple Bourbon and No-Sugar Added Mott’s For Tots…which I’m still debating if that’s illegal…and some cinnamon sticks. Courtney purchased the mulling spices from Savory Spice Shop in South End, gotta love supporting local businesses!

Mulled Cider

4. Cotton Floral Arrangement: I have been seeing cotton used in floral arrangements a lot lately. I wasn’t surprised when I saw an arrangement when I got to Courtney’s because she is an interior designer extraordinaire! She said she purchased the cotton in the floral department at  Harris Teeter, and that it was a tad pricey. But I think a few pieces add such a great punch to a fall arrangement.

Cotton Floral Arrangement

5. The Night We Met Matt:  I have to admit that secretly one of the reasons I wanted to join the Junior League was the hope that I’d meet some new friends that perhaps also might know a dashing young man they could set me up with. One Thursday night in March, before we all really knew one another, Courtney invited some of the girls from our group over to her place. It was supposed to be somewhat low-key, just a night in with appetizers and drinks, or so I thought. Long story short, we ended up consuming a few pitchers of a mystery drink Courtney concocted, and then attending a Bubba Sparxxx concert at the EpiCentre. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bubba Sparxx, just think booty, booty, booty rockin’ everywhere, and that should jog some memories. Prior to the concert we were grabbing a few drinks at BlackFinn when this fox in glasses and a watch walked in. Honestly, that’s the exact thought I remember thinking when Matt walked in. Luckily his friend had some game, and approached us, we ended up hanging out them rest of the night, and the rest is history. I am so thankful for so many reasons that these girls are in my life. But they will always hold a special place in my life because they were all there when I met “New Love” (who they later renamed “True Love”).

Rough, but Infamous Night at Bubba Sparxxx

Junior League Group at Graduation

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