Saying Goodbye

This morning was heart wrenching. We all watched as  a dear friend say goodbye to his father who unexpectedly passed last weekend. Among all of the hurt, anger, confusion, wondering, and sadness, there was a ray of light. As I looked around the church, I saw many familiar faces. Some I hadn’t seen in years, and some that I saw last week. Everyone had come together for a common goal, to support someone we love. I hope that my friend was able to feel all of the compassion that filled the room. It makes me extremely thankful for the group of friends I’ve been so lucky to share my life with. I know that near or far, they would all be by side the second I needed them. Often times we take for granted those we are closest to us. I hope I never take for granted those who know my “story”. There is something to be said for people who know and remember all of your embarrassing moments, great successes, times of heart-break, late nights and early mornings; and still love you despite all of those things. Today we were all the grown-up versions of ourselves. Suits, ties, heels and hose, low hushed voices. It seems as if we’ve finally matured and become the people we need to be. My hope is that as the time passes and the reality begins to set in, that we all remember the love and compassion we have for each other. To remember that we’re all suffering in some sort of way – to be there for one another and to put differences aside.


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