1. Southern Wedding Traditions: With the Hewitt-Stanton less than 7 months away, wedding fever is spreading like wildfire. I recently stumbled upon an old southern wedding tradition. According to folklore, if you bury a bottle of bourbon at the exact site where the wedding will take place, it won’t rain on the big day. Some believe that you have to bury it exactly one month before the nuptials, must be completely full, and upside down in order for the trick to work. What other southern wedding traditions have you heard of?

2. Bird Ave City Prints: Guys are practically IMPOSSIBLE to buy for. Most are content with a beer, football game and something from the grill. Anything they need, they go and buy, and anything they want, well…they usually don’t want much. This made things very difficult when trying to determine a birthday gift for Matt. However, I had seen a post from my friend Laura about these awesome prints from Bird Ave Studio. The company was extremely easy to work with, and will help you custom design your prints. I decided I would choose the major cities Matt has lived in; Jacksonville, Atlanta and Charlotte. I also chose a dark navy background to make the prints more manly. Paired with dark mahogany frames, these turned out awesome! It was a personal gift and something he never would get himself.


Charlotte print

Matt with the final product

3. Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Collection: Yes, I realize it’s not 1998 anymore, and no, I’m not bringing a Plumeria Body Splash Kit to my friends 10th birthday party. For those of you who last stepped in to a Bath & Body Works for the aforementioned celebration, the store does still exist. The Sleep Collections, Warm Milk and Honey body lotion is amazing. I use it before I go to bed, and honestly think it helps me fall asleep.  The aromatherapy collection also includes candles and pillow spray that amazing also.


4. Maroon 5 – One More Night: I simply cannot get enough of this song. Ever since The Voice premiered three seasons ago, my love for Adam Levine has grown exponentially. It’s something about his modest, tight-fitting, solid-colored, sleeves-rolled-up, forearm tiger tattoo that really does it for me. This song is great, and I listen to it on repeat upwards of 20 times in a row. 

5. South Carolina vs. Florida: This is really important game for both teams. After losing to LSU last weekend, we have a lot on the line. It’s also very important because my boyfriend (unfortunately) is an alumnus of The University of Florida. I remember thinking the first night we met that it was probably a deal-breaker that he was a Gator. I used to think that anyone who didn’t go to USC should probably never be considered for anything long-term or serious. In this case, I’m glad I lowered my standards! Unfortunately, due to a wedding and a family trip, we will both be in different states, watching the game separately….After sitting through baseball season, I have to assume that this is for the best. I don’t envision it being a pleasant evening for one of the two of us, and by that, I mean Matt. USC supposedly has a team filled with injuries and plagued by the flu, but I have to hope HBC probably has something up his sleeve. Go Gamecocks!!


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