3rd Annual Dilworth-South End Chili Cook-Off

3 things I love: Dilworth, Chilli, and Sundays. I used to spend Sunday’s feeling depressed that another weekend had ended and that there were five more early mornings ahead. Until I realized that hating Sunday’s really shortens your weekend to only one day, and that’s unacceptable. So now Sunday’s are spent just like a Saturday, fitting in as many activities as possible. This Sunday was no different. We attended the 3rd Annual Dilworth-South End Chili Cook-Off in the heart of South End at Atherton Lofts. I’d say there were probably 15 restaurants and 3 independent teams who competed, and boy was it a competition! The competition was broken down into four categories: red, green, white and vegetarian. My favorite chilli was Good Food on Montford’s submission. I think it was my favorite because each chili sample also included a wonderfully delicious cheese curd on top. After helping myself to three samples, (hey…it was “unlimited”) I stopped myself short of just asking for a bowl full of cheese curd only. I also really enjoyed Zink’s white chilli which had hints of lime flavor. I’d have to say that the chilli samples which included “ad-on’s” such as cornbread, sour cream, cheese, etc. really impressed me. I guess that’s the name of the game; what can you do to outshine your competitors? After some craft beer from local breweries like Triple C Brewing Co. and Natty Greenes, about 100 samples of chilli, and an afternoon spent catching up with good friends, our hearts and bellies were very satisfied.

I only have 364 days to perfect the perfect chili recipe for next years competition……

Atherton Loft’s

Matt and I

A few of the participants

The Chef’s from Good Food on Montfod


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