Friday5 {Chicago Edition}

I was lucky enough to have a week and half of “unemployment” between when my old job ended and my new job begins. I realized you can only reorganize your closet so many times before becoming VERY bored. There isn’t much to do during the day when everyone you know is working…That being said, I booked a last-minute flight to see my sister in Chicago!

My sister and soon-to-be-brother-in-law live in a FANTASTIC part of Chicago! They are so fortunate to live in an amazing condo with unreal views of the city. I love that I have this city to escape to. There is something about the vibe and energy of the city that I’ve never experienced in Charlotte before. For a big city, the people are all so nice and the city is very clean. This week my Friday5 will be dedicated to The Windy City!

1. My Sister: My sister and I are only two years apart, but went to different High Schools in Charlotte. I definitely think this kept us from being close. We had different friends, different teachers and different experiences. It wasn’t until she went away to college that our relationship began to grow. It’s bizarre how this happens; we lived under the same roof for 18 years and then once she left, we started to get closer. She is undoubtedly my best friend. I hate that she lives so far away, but with modern technology we are able to talk/gchat/FaceTime at least one time a day. I was completely honored when she asked me to be her maid of honor. I cannot wait to stand beside her on one of the most important days of her life. We have had such a great week. Just lying around, eating too much and spending too much money on clothes we know we do not need. Girl/Sister time is so important and I love the fact that this amazing city is only a two-hour plane ride away!

2. Footsie Roll: These are a necessity for anyone who lives in a big city or who walks a lot in heels. Footsie Roll are similar to a ballet flat and can be fully rollable. This rollable flat is best to wear after clubbing, shopping, in the office or even at home. It is so light and comfortable that you could just pack it into the reusable bag that comes along and put into your handbag. Once your “dogs start barking”, simply put the footsie rolls on, and put your heels in the reusable bag they come in. Perfect solution, and how fashionable are they?

3. Low-Cal Cocktail: Since my sister is on “wedding diet” for the next few months, she has found a lot of great low calorie alternatives. Ocean Spray makes a fantastic Diet Sparkling Pomegranate Blueberry juice. You can purchase the cans in a 4-pack and simply mix with the Vodka of your choice. The sparkle gives your cocktail the perfect fizz and it surely does not lack in the flavor department. The best part…each can only has 10 calories! Ocean Spray also makes a Cranberry version.

4. The Paris Club Restaurant: The Paris Club is a restaurant that recently opened in the River North neighborhood in Chicago. The entree’s are French but have an American twist. The Le Hamburger is to DIE for. It comes with glazed red onions and your choice of gruyere or bleu cheese. However, the appetizers were my favorite part of the meal. We got the Croque Monsieur Fingers which were basically ham and cheese sandwiches dipped in poached eggs…yum! The Paris Club Restaurant also has a hip lounge on the rooftop. Studio Paris is an outdoor/indoor lounge that doubles as a functioning photo studio by day and nightclub by night. Studio Paris is supposed to reflect clubs throughout Europe. I think all restaurants should have clubs on top of them, definitely a way to keep your patrons around longer!

5. Life size Golf Balls: The highly anticipated 2012 Ryder Cup is being played this weekend at Medinah Country Club, about an hour away from the city. As a way to welcome guests to the Windy City, the city of Chicago placed 50, 3-foot-tall balls sporadically around town. Each ball was specially designed and decorated by artists from Chicago. The balls will be auctioned off later this month and proceeds will go to a variety of different charities. While out and about this week, my sister and I have been scouting out the different balls. They are all unique in their own way and very special to the city. I think its such a great idea to create awareness to the tournament, as well as the special charities they support.



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