1. Michelob Ultra 19th Hole: This is a semi-new beer made by Michelob Ultra. It combines the taste of lemonade and sweet-tea, but in a beer. It reminds me of FireFly Vodka (hello, junior year of college!) and it really easy to drink. I am not a huge beer fan, but this is light and refreshing. I’ve only seen it sold in 6-pack cans, not sure that bottles would be good.

2. My Junior League Friends: I’ve heard the joke before a million times, Junior League is just an “adult sorority”. While part of this might be true, I have been blessed with three very dear friends. We’ve only known each other 9 months, but it feels like I’ve known them my whole life. We try to get together once a week, and it seems like every time is filled with crazy antics and lots of laughs. I am so lucky to have met these ladies!

3. May Books:There is nothing I’m more obsessed with than a good day planner. I don’t leave my house without mine anymore. Its color-coded and busting at the seams with sticky notes, bills, etc. These May Books are awesome! You can design your own, pick out a pattern, and slap your monogram on it (I’m a sucker for ANYTHING monogrammed!!). Along with the typical agenda, they also have books for tracking your pregnancy, meal planners and a wedding diary. What a great gift idea! 

4. Trader Joe’s – Amour de Peach Sparkling Wine:  I know alcohol makes up 2/5 of my favorite things this week, but I promise I don’t have a drinking problem!! Do yourself a favor and RUN, don’t walk, to Trader Joe’s and pick up a CASE of this stuff. At only $4.99/bottle, this wine won’t break the bank. It’s extremely easy to drink and not to mention, ah-ma-zing!!

5. Inbox Pause – Why hasn’t someone thought of this before?? Gmail is adding a function that allows you to “pause” your email so you can actually get some work done! When you pause your inbox, no new email will show up. Instead, it gets shunted off to a discreet label so no mail is actually lost. When you un-pause your mail, all the messages which arrived in the meantime will get moved back to your inbox, ready for your review.

What are you crazy about this Friday?


One thought on “Friday5

  1. I’m impressed that you can think of 5 every Friday, I can hardly think of one! I am currently obsessed with, a recipe blog with tasty, but inexpensive, recipes! My two favorite recipes from the site are the Chipotle Chicken Tacos with Mango salsa and the Chardonnay-Poached Pears with Raspberry-Balsamic Reduction (both are impressive but super easy to make!)

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