This week I’m obsessing over…

1. Emi-Jay Hair Ties: These hair ties were invented by 8th graders (why didn’t I think of this??) and they are awesome. They don’t leave creases in your hair, and more importantly they don’t pull your hair out.

2. TIto’s Vodka: Tito’s has jut recently hit the vodka scene and is actually pretty good. Apparently it has ranked higher than Grey Goose and Absolute in blind taste tests, and it’s more affordable than both.

3. Car Detailing: This is definitely a splurge, but well worth it. Mr. Harold and his crew will come to your work, home, or wherever and get your ride sparking clean. They spend a good 2 hours and when they are finished, you can’t find a single crumb and your entire car is better than brand new.

4. Band-Aid Friction Block: Whoever invented this is a goddess!! The Friction Block stick has a lubricating formula that you rub on your feet that instantly reduces rubbing on the skin. The invisible barrier makes this ideal for long walks in stilettos and nights out prancing in your heels.

5. Again, The Carolina Gamecocks: It was an ugly win, but the boys pulled out a W against Vanderbilt. Woo hoo, football season is finally back!

What are you obsessing over today??


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