A few years ago my friend, Erin, and I, randomly started texting each other 5 things that we were currently obsessed with. It was a way more of a means to keep in touch, but I also learned about some awesome new things. The “game” has extended itself to my friend group, and now my good friend Laura and I periodically play.

These are the Five things I’m obsessing about this Friday…

1. Starbucks Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher – I’m not a coffee drinker, but sometimes crave a shot of caffeine (like trying to get thru work on a Friday). The Refreshers are new and have 60-80 mg of caffeine (coffee typically has 100-120 mg).  The are fairly inexpensive and give you that boost you need.

2. Cleaning my Hairdryer – I recently vacuumed out the vent on my hairdryer and it reduced my drying time from 45 min to 10 min. For anyone who knows the drama of getting my ‘do perfect, this is a huge advancement in my life.

3. Cipher Monograms – Monograms basically consume my life and I just discovered a new version. These are all hand drawn and then can be turned into stationary, lucite trays, etc.  Such an elegant and fancy way to display say…your new married monogram (wedding fever, agh!!). Take a look at these from Gadabout

4. The Carolina Gamecocks – Lets face it, this is ALWAYS on my Top 5. With kickoff just 6 days away, and an SEC gathering party tonight, I can basically feel Williams-Brice swaying during Sandstorm.

5. Opportunities – Ok, so this is pretty vague. But I have been very blessed by some opportunities that have come my way. Knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel can turn any bad day around. Sometimes I’m amazed about all the great things I have, none of which seem deserved.


What are you obsessing about today?


One thought on “Friday5

  1. Love this! Ditto about the Refreshers. I’m also obsessed with BandAid Friction Block – stops blisters before they start and lets you wear your 5″ wedges without worry.

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